Alters an existing database user. The function can be used to enable or disable user login to a catalog server; and can be used to set or alter the login password for the user. 

Note that all 3 catalog servers must be running and available to use this function.

Available in the star$administration database and requires the star$administration role.


Name Optional Type Description
user$ Mandatory Text The name of the database user to be altered.
login$ Optional Boolean Indicates if the user is allowed to login.
password$ Optional Text The password to be used at login.


SELECT alter_user('myuser',true,'mypassword'); -- Allows a user to login with a password

SELECT alter_user('myuser',null,'mypassword'); -- Alters a user's password

SELECT alter_user('myuser',false,null); -- Disables login for a user


  • Use a null value to omit an optional parameter.
  • The star$users view indicates which users are allowed to login.



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