This table provides an alphabetical glossary of terms.

Term Description
Adaptor A configurable message parser that can handle messages with a particular syntax - such as JSON.
Agent A process that executes on an edge server which collects messages from a source and injects them into an instance node.
Attached Node A node that is connected to one or more nodes in the network.
Catalog Server A central server that provides a portal to one or more networks and holds the meta data for those networks. There are typically 3 catalog servers.
Central Table A table that stores sensitive reference data for a network. The data is sufficiently sensitive, that the data must not be propagated beyond a catalog server. 
Detached Node A node that is not attached to any other node in the network.
Edge Server A server located at the edge of the network that may be hosting one or more instance nodes. There may be many edge servers in a network.
Global Table A table that stores data which is universally the same across a network. These tables typically hold dimension or reference data.
Grant Gives permission, such as granting a query role access to a table.
Live Node An instance node that has finished provisioning and is available for queries.
Local Table A table that stores message data. The content of the table will vary between different edge nodes.
Management Role A predefined role that has access to a set of management functions.
Network A collection of nodes. Typically some of those nodes will be hosted on edge servers.
Node An access point in a network. A node can represent an area of the network, an edge point or a physical server.
Port Defines how each message is mapped to a row in a local table. A port uses an adaptor to parse messages and maps the parsed content to columns in the target table.
Provisioning Node A newly attached instance node that is busy synchronising itself with the catalog servers and any instance nodes under the same parent edge node. The node can receive new messages but is not currently available for queries.
Query Role A custom or bespoke role that is used to manage query access to specific tables, columns and nodes.
Revoke Removes permission, such as denying a query role access to a table.
Role A collection of privileges for performing functions or for accessing data in tables and nodes.
Sibling Nodes Instance nodes that share the same parent edge node.
Source A source of messages, such as a device or probe. 
Topology The shape of a network. Networks are arranged as hierarchical trees, but their shape, depth and width can vary.
User A person or entity that has authenticated access to the catalog servers. Users may be granted zero, one or more roles.
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