Version 7.1

Remote Installation and Provisioning

Edge Intelligence software is installed onto all of the nominated catalog servers with a couple of commands that automate the deployment of software, licenses, security certificates and server configurations.

Thereafter, new edge servers can be remotely provisioned with software and certificates using a single command.  


It is possible to create a journal for a standard query statement and a specified time period so that the results of the query are materialised as and when new data arrives and the query result is recorded for each time window defined by the journal time period.

For example, a journaled query could pre-aggregate data in hourly or daily time intervals; or could join message data with a list of thresholds to generate performance anomaly indicators for fixed time intervals.

The results of a journal are retained separately from the source data it has been generated from, so that the source data and journal data life-cycle can be managed independently.

Temporal Data

It is possible to use effective dating for global (and central) data to manage changes in the future and to retain changes from the past - so that historic message data can be combined with the global data that was in force at the time of the message.

Central Tables

It is possible to enforce particularly sensitive data, such as customer address information, to be wholly contained on catalog servers and not be propagated to any edge servers.

Connection Timeouts

An attempt to open a connection to a remote edge server will fail if a timeout limit is exceeded. The default timeout is 10 seconds, but this can be changed.

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