The es_agent can be executed on a command line to inject data from standard input.

The command structure is: 

es_agent [--streamer] <host> <network> <tag> [<record separator>]


<host> is the database server host name or address;

<network> is the name of the network to connect to;

<tag> is the tag of source to be streamed;

<record separator> is an optional record separator (otherwise new line is assumed).

Note that the --streamer switch is only used when the es_agent is receiving data from the es_streamer utility. See es_streamer for further details.

This agent will wait on standard input indefinitely and will execute until it is aborted via a process or command termination.

The agent will only append records it has received when either of the following occurs since the last append:

  • More than 5000 records have been received.
  • It has waited longer than 5 seconds for the next record.
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