Creates a function for use in queries.

The function body must be written in a SQL or PL/pgSQL language. A PL/pgSQL function body must include the block syntax such as 'DECLARE', 'BEGIN' and 'END;'.

Note that functions are immutable and the function body must not contain any statements that would affect the database state.

Available in a network database and requires the star$define role.


Name Optional Type Description
function$ Mandatory Text The name of the function being created.
arguments$ Mandatory Text Argument specification required by the function.
return$ Mandatory Text The return type of the function.
language$ Mandatory Text The function language – either SQL or PLPGSQL.
body$ Mandatory Text The body of the function.


SELECT create_function('mysqlfunc','arg1 int','int','sql','select arg1+1;'); -- creates a SQL function.

SELECT create_function('myplfunc','arg1 int','int','plpgsql','begin return arg1+1; end;'); -- creates a PL/pgSQL function.


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