Alters the name, description or information for an existing node. 

Available in a network database and requires the star$network role.


Name Optional Type Description
node$ Mandatory Text The name of the node to be altered.
name$ Optional Text A new name for the node.
description$ Optional Text A new description for the node.
address$ Optional Text A new address for the node.
location$ Optional Text A new location for the node.
latitude$ Optional Text A new latitude for the node.
longitude$ Optional Text A new longitude for the node.


SELECT alter_node('mynode','mynode2',null,null,null,null,null); -- Changes the name of the node

SELECT alter_node('mynode',null,'my node',null,null,null,null); -- Changes the node description


  • Use a null value to omit an optional parameter.
  • The star$nodes view lists the details for existing nodes.


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