Messages received from sources, such as gateways and devices, can be parsed and mapped to rows in a tables and these messages can arrive in a variety of formats, such as JSON.

The configuration for parsing and mapping messages to table is managed centrally, such that a configuration for a particular device type can be defined once and used by many distributed agents at the edge of the network to process messages from their respective devices.




Messages are handled by a simple API that accepts a message as a text string and the API will parse and map the content of those messages according to the configuration in force. The API will generate one row for each message processed. Typically, this API is embedded in some code that runs at the edge to connect to message broker(s) to receive and handle messages from devices. 

A standard agent utility is provided for injecting messages received through standard input. 

A standard file streamer utility is provided for discovering files and streaming their content.


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