How do I perform a text search in a query?

Use the @@ operator with each column you want to search. A simple use of the @@ operator can take the form <column>@@<words> where <column> is the name of the column to be searched and <words> is a list of words to search for. For example,

WHERE mycolumn@@'cat sat mat'

will match rows where mycolumn contains all three words in any order.

For more complex text searches, use the form <column>@@to_tsquery('simple',<expression>) where <expression> is a logical search expression that contain the following operators.

Operator Description
! Negates (NOT) the expression that follows it
& Conjunctive operator (AND) of two expressions
| Disjunctive operator (OR) of two expressions

For example,

WHERE mycolumn@@to_tsquery('simple','!cat & (sat | mat)')

will match rows where mycolumn does not contain cat and but does contain sat or mat.

Note that complex match expressions can use round brackets to denote precedence.  


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