This view lists the node topology under an area or edge node.

The view requires the following parameters:

Name Optional Type Description
node$ Mandatory Text Name of an area or edge node in the network

The view returns the following columns:

Name Description
depth Depth of the node relative to node$
path Path of the node from node$
node_id Identity of the node
parent_id Identity of parent node
name Name of the node
type Type of node. One of A, E or I (Area, Edge, Instance)
host Host address if an instance node
readable Indicates if node is currently readable
writable Indicates if node is currently writable
address Address information
latitude Latitude of the node
longitude Longitude of the node
location Location information
description Description of the node

Note that you can pre-pend the expression rpad(' ',depth) to a column to indent the column value based on the depth of the node in the network hierarchy and you can order by path to return nodes in depth first order.

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