Can I migrate data into a local table using the loader?


If you need to migrate a lot of data from historic files into a local table you can use the file loader do this.

Use the following loader command:

joloader <network>$<instance> <file> <table> -Ujustone c'<columns>,"$source","$state"' J'0,%I%'

Where <network> is the name of the network; <instance> is the node identity of the instance node to load into; <file> is the name of the file to be loaded; <table> is the name of the local table and <columns> is the list of table columns to load into.

This command uses the J switch to populate the source with a zero value and the state with a unique identifier.

Note you will need root access to the edge server to do this and that you should only migrate data into one instance node under each edge node. If you attempt to migrate the same data into two or more instance nodes under the same edge node you will duplicate data because the message state numbers assigned by the loader are unique. Hence, if want to place the data onto multiple instance nodes, it is recommended you create only one instance node under an edge and migrate data into it first before you add any sibling instance nodes. Adding a sibling instance after the data migration will force the sibling to copy the migrated data during its provisioning phase. 

See file loader for further details about the loader.

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