ERROR: Non advancing state detected for source ... - data discarded


One or more messages from the named source regressed message state compared to a prior message state and those messages have been discarded.


Ensure that the system generating the messages for that source is submitting valid messages in a valid format and with valid content and that message state is strictly monotonically increasing with each new message.

If you are using the file streamer, ensure each file being discovered has a strictly advancing modification date/time.


  • Do the files being discovered by es_streamer have a strictly advancing modification date/time?
  • Are the messages in a valid format?
  • Do the messages contain valid content?
  • Is message state advancing with every new message?
  • Is the port configuration correct?
  • Find the port used by the source by using the view star$sources
  • Test the port configuration using the test_port function with a sample message.
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